not back and forth,


i set a pace,

and amble steadily on.


there is a road stretched out before me,


with no end

in sight

nor turns

that i can see.

it is dimly lit,

and my

blind eyes can’t see

past the length

of one



i see friends fade

into darkness


and into the obscure


not dark because of Night,

but obscure


their path is not

for me to know.


i sometimes look


in excited anticipation

or with a guarded jealousy

as i see others excel,

accomplish Purpose

and reach milestones

i have long

longed to see.


sometimes i sink in despair

i sit

i rest

because i’m tired,

pulled down by discouragement

or apathy

or sadness.


sometimes i want to run,

to sprint,

and reach

for those things,

those places,

where i’ve heard

is happiness

and rest.


sometimes i drive in my heels

and stop.

and will not move.

because i’m afraid

to leave the place

i know how to control.


as people pass

and fall behind,

as i look down at my

small feet,

the short space i can see,

i set a pace,

and must

amble steadily on. 


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