You see We All Have A Story To Tell .. Is Mine Reality or is it A Fairy Tale I never knew until I looked towards the sky and watched god but I wonder if he could ever tell that I was Watching Him and he was watching over me. The power he's given me with words reminds me of the serenity  I feel when cool beach water touches my feet , or the salinity of the wind guts my face I'm happy I can express the way it makes me think. P- Prosperous, O-Omnipresent, E-Euphoric one has all the T- Time in the World to over coming every obstacle in my life, is that why sapiosexuality belays so heavy in my mind? R- Relevancy and Germane I shall say she is but what about her attention Y-Yearning and  telling her that her poetry is reaching out to her to grasp her ancestors into her and commence in her soul to inflictthe greatness of a voice from within    - Sashauna Henry 

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