The Overwhelming Enigma of the Uncertain


United States
42° 47' 53.1348" N, 77° 40' 35.4648" W

a blood rush
an unfamiliar touch
she looks into his eyes
and wishes she could die

blissful desire
moment to be admired
anticipation swarms
making his way across the floor

a warm embrace
her blushing face
his chilling smile
hearts aching, committing denial

the young lost in splendor
drowning into this endeavor
devouring him with her eyes
feeling a piece of him die

caressing touch
sensing too much
fear consumes her corpse
aware of his strength, his force

motionless in a spiraling world
destruction surrounds the boy and the girl
he holds her with loving devotion
one look exploring endless emotion

brushes her cheek
she feels weak
fading into his being
unbroken, numb feeling

euphoria of ignorance
entombment of the last kiss
terrified of certain heartache
fantasy keeping them safe

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nice poem
enjoyed it

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