An Overdose of Her

I thought I knew what love was, I thought it had your face,

It was us in an empty world, together no matter the place,

We went through so much I thought each time was a phase,

But now I'm undead standing in the posionous haze,


Like some traumatic flash you breach my walls every day,

And god damn how I wish I could beg you to stay,

Now it is I who must walk before I begin to decay,

Your name rots inside me like the leftovers of prey,


I hang a noose to squeeze the memories out of my head,

I lay awake all night, restless in an empty bed,

Selfishly I wish one of us was dead,

Anything to be anywhere but here instead,


And one day I will look back and see your crime,

Tears and blood all dry with time,

I will laugh thinking we were so sublime,

But until then I will try and let you die in my mind.


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