Over the Hill


United States
27° 56' 10.9788" N, 82° 22' 39.8424" W

Don't trip, cus if you fall, you're shit outta luck.
I mean, I can't help you and be successful too.
Its a dog eat dog world and we all look like decorated tofu.
My parents are too poor to put me through college but too rich to apply for financial aid
I'm stuck in the middle like ripping off a painful band-aid.
Rip it off.
Endure the pain, they say.
It builds character they say.
Well why the hell are my knees so sore from getting on the ground to pray?
Questions that need answers like what is my purpose, and who am I
Can only be answered when we draw our last breath to die.
But why do I have to wait that long instead of just asking Google?
That's another one that happens to be rhetorical.
So I clamber over this hill of life that continues to roll into the horizon.
No help next to me, I have to do this independently.
I try not to trip cus then I'd be shit outta luck.
Who's gonna be there to help me up?
No one is gonna stop their success for me so its fake it until I make it.
That's what I happen to be good at.


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