Over Due and Over Used

I found that life gives you certain battles to fight

Doesn’t give you a weapon to defend yourself but expects you to do alright

Attacking you in the day, while terrifying you at night

But as a soldier you show no fear, you don’t retreat, you fight.

Was it i who chose to be in a battle every day of my life

Yea right I crave danger, i welcome death, I choose to be in the dark, I hate light

You send me to fight the fight you are to much of a coward to face

See you matter more than me so if I die my death won’t leave a trace

All of the pieces in your puzzle won’t be out of place

And you live to run another day while I wait to decay

You never saw battle, to you it’s a foreign concept, so it seems

You make profit off the ideas I have, and the things that I think

You couldn’t understand this pain to you it’s all a game

I’d put you down myself if we were not the same.

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Our world
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