The Outsiders Struggle

I know that I'm not perfect, and that I've done some wrong, 

so, in a way, I'm expressing it through a poem not a song,


I know that I have problems that should be dealt with,

but I thought that if I ginored them long enough, then they would just be a myth,


I wish I was better, and that time could rewind,

before I became a prisoner of my own mind,

my sins would wrap around me like a chain,

always telling me that I had nothing to gain,


There were times where I felt like my mistkaes were not worthy of redemption,

so I gave up on others and turned to isolation,

I had a broken heart, one that needed to mend,

but I was so afraid to make a single friend,

I never wanted to complain or be dramatic,

because I didn't want to be seen as an attention fanatic,


I had two sides to me that would tear my mind apart,

but there was something stronger than my mind; my heart

no matter what happened, my heart never gave up the fight,

and that started the fire in his soul that made him see the light,

I was tired of seeing pain, the cruel teacher,

so I turned to hope, the ultimate preacher,


I refused to give into the pain,

because I knew that I had so much ore to gain,

I may be destined to feel strife that cuts deep like a knife,

but I refuse to give up on my own life.

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