Out of Grace


Out of Grace

God it’s been so long,

I don’t know if you’re still there.

God, I fell so hard,

How could you still care?

Oh dear, I’m so lost without you here,

I don’t know where to turn,

Can you find me here?


I’ve run away from home,

I don’t know where to go,

God you seem so far,

I can’t make it on my own,

I’m begging you for help,

Can you meet me where I fell?

Can you come and bring me back?

Can you meet me where I fell?


God, can you hear me?

Do you listen to my prayers?

There’s still so much,

I don’t understand

I’m the son that ran away,

I’m rock that sealed your grave,

I am the nails in your hand,

That spear in your side,

I am the man inside the whale,

I am the pillar made of salt,

I am,


Who fell too hard.


There’s no such thing

As too far,

You are my beloved child,

Come rest in my arms,

I’ve been looking over you

And I see you’ve had it tough,

But be still,

But be still,

But me still,

I’ll meet you where you fell..


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