Out of Control

Mon, 12/02/2019 - 17:41 -- AngieC

I breathe in the cool air around me

Swaying branches, cooling air

Melancholy feels

An innate feeling from within

It’s quite difficult to describe

Sometimes it strikes when I just begin to sleep

Or maybe it hits as I slumber

Sometimes it strikes when I see something

A concept or something

A realization, an epiphany

It strikes quite randomly

At 3 AM or maybe 6 PM

Morning or night

It can’t be controlled

An emotion, a vision

I get on with my life and then it hits

I know what to say

I know what I wish to do

Inspiration hits quite randomly

And I may be left with simply a prompt, or one word

Or maybe a whole story or poem

I can never know fully

It feels like something behind me

Beyond what is tangible

But it’s there

And quite wonderful it is

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