Thu, 04/25/2013 - 22:03 -- AHML

I'm not lying.
(Well, I'm lying by omission)
You don't define a triangle by saying it doesn't have four sides.
Why should I be defined by a lack?
My computer keeps trying to correct it to "aromatic."
Why should I care if an impersonal piece of machinery validates my identity
(Or lack thereof)
We're not a very outspoken group.
(If we even are a group)
(Fuck if I know)
I just want the stupid scholarship.
People like me
(if there are any people like me)
We're not special.
No pride parades
No discrimination
No hatred
I am an everyday normal person.
I enjoy a good romantic comedy as much as the next person
(And I'll sob at the tragedies, Brokeback Mountain anyone?)
But there's a part of me that always knows
(I want)
That this will never be for me
(To want)
Unless of course it is, I just haven't met "the right one, yet."
I hope that's true.
(Seriously, I just want the scholarship, does anyone even read these?)
(Good luck to everyone applying! I hope you all become fantastic poets if that's your dream)
(Is it obvious that I don't want to be a poet? Engineer over here)
(Bye! <3)


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