Our World and Humanity


Why is it that all people see
Is evilness and cruelty
In our world today?
It might be because 
our world is full of nothing
but cruelty and evilness.

There are very few people who actually think
that there is hope for our world today. They think
that technology rules our mindset. The reality of it is
that it does. Did you know the average person
spends four years of his life looking down
at his cell phone?  Isn't it funny how our touchscreens
seem to make us lose touch
with what's actually around us?

There are too many selfies
and not enough 'us'es and we's.
While all this technology claims to connect us,
our connections have gotten no better.

In reality, Facebook is an 
anti-social network.
So many of us are friend-less
even though we have big friend- lists.
We measure our self- worth by
the number of followers and likes.

We'd  rather write an angry post than
talk to someone who might actually help us. 
We judge all those around us, 
but then we realize:
What about us?? Do we not have 
the patience to have a conversation 
without using any abbreviations.
Our curent  generation
has become the generation
for media overstimulation.

All these comments saying "you're gay"
Dont be a ***. But who defines how they act,
or what we do, or how, in turn, they should react?
I mean there's a festival in their honor.
Shouldnt we just accept it and grow stronger?

Let me finish by saying that 
We do have a choice.
And we can have a voice.
But  here in this world
We cannot autocorrect.
We must do it ourselves.

We can either take control
or let ourselves be controlled.
We should all be tired of 
performing in the pageantry of vanity.
and conforming to the accepted form
of digital insanity.

I, like a few others, smile at a world
where we all have low batteries.
Because lor batteries equal us getting
closer to gaining back our humanity.

So put down your phone, and close that computer screen.
Turn off all your devices, and look away from your dumb iphone sixteens
Look out the window and watch the view.
God created it so He could show it off to you.





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