Our World

Our world is a mess
Little kids are now all so spoilt brats, who cry when life isn't fair...
but life isn't fair
they're attached to devices as if it's the only thing keeping them alive
one day, they're going to attach themselves to someone who will break their heart when they leave
Because not everyone is going to stay with you
Then again, because we spend so much time on the internet and social media, our perspectives on all relationships are twisted into unrealistic expectations
Young people, joking about sex, gender, drugs and alcohol, being homeless and being rich. they joke about all things. Swearing. Racism. Trafficking. Slavery. Cancer and diseases. Self-harm. Abuse. Violence. Suicide.
Every. Single. One. Of these things effects COUNTLESS people. All it takes is one word to change someone's life. To break someone's life or take someone's life.
And to stop it, all that needs to happen is action. Realise that saying these things won't make you cool, even saying it's a joke and meant nothing.
They'll make you regret it because when you're at the receiving end; it is not nothing.
it is sure as hell something.
And when that happens to you, you aren't alone. EVERYONE has and will experience it.
Because our world is a mess

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Our world





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