Our Stupidity

"Not siblings by blood, but siblings by heart. Doing stupid shit until one of us gets hurt. No lessons learned, even with blood being spilt. Finally all healed up, the stupid shit will once again start. A broken arm, maybe a scraped up knee all because my best friend challenged me. An ugly bruise, a jammed up wrist all because I challenged my best friend, you see?


Let me put this simply, stupidity lives in a person almost quite smugly, with no brain to mouth filter to stop the flow we speak, Alone my brain seems to be somewhat weak, something I've learned is just because of me.


My best friend, his mind is kinda frail and meek, not a thought to what could be a possibility, not a warning, not a smarty in most situations he seeks. His brain seems to short circuit, his mouth goes on autopilot. And sadly, this is when he isn't with me.


Put us together, you will surely see, a recipe you'd have, here's what I mean, think of what you've seen, maybe in a movie or even just on TV, the protagonist will make something of a mess, all because his momentarily escaped stupidity did it's best. He does it not for fun, he does it not of individuality but because someone he loves has been threatened by mortality. A ticking time bomb is he, for that of his best friend is in need. Together they stir a concoction of catastrophic abilities. Whether this be simply to be we for one last time or to try and stop the villain called time, they work together, perfectly in sync is that of their stupidity. So no, we are not siblings by blood, but siblings by heart. Because in the end, if it must be, we will be stupid for that is just like we.


God looked at us a time ago and thought 'there is no way to put this mother through so much woe, two crazy kids, with witty comments and loud personalities.  One is enough for this great mommy, yet still these two must be family.'


So there you have it my dearest sweets, not siblings by blood but siblings by heart. Siblings of crazy, siblings of stupidity, siblings of fun and siblings of a best friends love. Nothing, you see, can take us and make us anything but we.


Too my bestie, my one true friend, you always will be."


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