Our Maiden Voyage

And so it begins, our maiden voyage


We start, launching

glances, cannons, from across the room

Pull anchor, casting

off from walls we once docked

We sail, setting

course for the inevitable; Intertwined doom


And so it continues, this maiden voyage


We drift, navigating

our ways through flotsam, the crowd

My compass, guiding

towards you, North Star, the brightest

We sail, narrowing

berth between til at other's bow


And so it's upon us, our first dance


We contact, connecting

like old salt, two shipmates of past

This parley, negotiating

in motions, flowing as if we're downbound

We sail, contrasting

you caravel, I ironclad, both full mast


So this is perfection, our maiden voyage

Tell first mate, "Let me sleep if this dream."

No, this is real, by Neptune, a blessing

Exploring with ease though we cut Devil's seam

Each step, like fleet, two vessels, one mission

If you turn to be siren then I'll gladly listen

Or if you be mer, trade Davey for gills

My soul's surely worth, to live in your stream


And so it must end, our maiden voyage


We slow, floating

in oceans of awe, each other's eyes

Avast! surrenduring,

pride be damned, I'm striking your colors

You smile, overbearing

the wind from my sails, reality, capsized


And so it begins, our future of voyage


We sail...


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