Our Love

I want love.

I want the honeymoon-type of love,
where butterflies still swarm in my stomach
and a hint of hesitation stumbles from your lips on mine.
There’s that giddiness and freshness
surrounding us in our own bubble.
You with your bright eyes.
Me with my adoring smile.

I want the passionate and intense love,
where it’s just you, me and endless white sheets
under the pale moonlight.
Raw desire and eager lust are surging in my veins
as we get drunk in our intoxicating love.
You with your smoldering eyes.
Me with my eager smirk.

I want the slow, tender love,
where sunsets find their way in our hearts
and sparks still emit from our lips.
We’ll slow dance beneath the twinkling stars,
losing ourselves in our dear love.
You with your warm eyes.
Me with my content smile.


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