Our Hearts


If I were to change any one thing

Whether for the sake of my being

Or for what humanity’s seeing

I’d have a strong song to sing:


I would remove the arrogant pride,

And take away the brutality

Through humanity’s mentality

That all starts from the inside:


I would search the deepest of places

And find that which desires to hurt

And destroy the evilly perverse

That pain and sorrow traces


To every heart. I’d bust down the door

That’s holding back injustice’s cry

So to then let it scream, let it fly

To see to this life, there is more


Then only lust, me and self-pleasure,

That causes pain for many others.

Are we none more then sisters, brothers

In search of profound treasure?


We live in a God-made, lovely world

Full of beauty, majesty and light

Run by evil with no end in sight:

Our sin and our pride unfurl.


So I’d change the grief which causes the hate

I’d fight and I’d fight against said fate.


Is it not true, even through our pride,

That pain makes pain as joy makes joy?

For deep, yes deeper on the inside

The biggest of bullies is a crying, little boy.


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