Our Generation and my corruption


Our Generation is so caught up in showing people what we don't truley have

We put filters on our pictures to cover up the lies that we hide inside

Our lies come from not believing in ourselves and thinking that a filter will magically hide everthing

But it never hides from ourself

A wise women told me that I was selfish

Showing and choosing things only for my self, never thinking about anyone else

And I say that is true

I was blind to the fact that I only wanted what i wanted, and no one could change that 

Selfish and I remained that

I filtered my life thinking that the world revovled around me 

Attack the only ones that are truly dear to me

Yes i to say #Nofilter with a face full of make up

Showing that i could make up a lie to you my viewers

1.1K is what I have on instagram 

But I can assure you that half of em don't show you who I truly am

The only thing you'll see is filters, layered ontop of more filters


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