This Is Our Generation

Out of all twenty-six letters of the alphabet,

This is all I can muster up.

Her bleach blonde spaghetti curled hair and Coach bag,

She must be self centered.

His coal black nails and torn jeans,

Must mean he likes to cut his wrists.

That football players low test score,

He’s uneducated because he’s a jock.

She sits alone in the corner of the library,

She has no friends, no one cares.

What we wear and how we look,

Does not define who we are

We all seek originality,

To be different, to stick out, to shine

The beautiful thing is we get to be

Anyone or anything

It is inevitable that we will get judged,

Don’t let your head fall down quite yet

Be tough, smile, and move on,

You are you,

That is perhaps the most magnificent mechanism in the entire universe.

No one else can define you.

You get to choose.

Just remember how unique you are,

A perfect creation from God above

The extraordinary result of love,

And the adolescent destined for prominence.


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