Our Flawed Love


In the beginning we were happy, I was happy.
By total chance Jay and Elle found each other.
Even worlds apart, there was this fire that burned,
It burned hot, it was a fire that burned deep inside.
At that time, I needed her as much as she needed me.
We both have been broken and hurt,
But we fulfilled each other, Life, was grand.
It all happened so fast, this chance meeting.
In the beginning our heads were in the clouds,
There was nothing I wouldn't do for her.
I will die for you Elle, Jay used to say.
There was no distance to great,
No mountain to high,
No obstacle, that would keep me from you.
I will follow you anywhere, Elle always said.
We traveled to lands told in fairy tales,
Stood where ancient civilizations once ruled,
We were in love, we were happy, I was happy.
These were the happy times.
Along the way something changed,
It was a downward spiral, something strange.
The love seem to have dwindled, dwindled away.
They fought with fire, and intensity,
The fire that burned hot for love,
Now burned with immense hate.
I fucking hate you, I hope you die, she once said.
The sound of breaking and shattering,
Could be heard, It was the hearts of Jay and Elle.
Their fire towards each other,
Was the glue that keep them together.
It was their bond of unwavering love.
That same fire was the spark of their hate.
This was their love, Their love was flawed.
In the beginning, Jay and Elle were happy.

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So heartbreaking and beautiful.  Thank you for this one.


Thank you Kem, I consider this one, one of my favorite and best ones I have written.

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