Our Beating Hearts


United States
34° 5' 42.8028" N, 84° 13' 2.424" W

The search for a new beginning
Is lost in prejudices of the past.
A civil war is fought, a nation torn apart, for what?
A new hope, a new start
That instead is once again lost and
Becomes something that is reminisced on.

Life becomes too comfortable,
The past becomes the present-
Simply because of tradition.
A stand still, no true change.

But then something comes along
A movement, a journey forward that
Fights the long awaited battle,
And wins.

An adventure worth taking,
Is nothing more than people standing
Tall, and understanding that the United States
Had a greater story to unveil.

It reminds the human race of
Our beating hearts.
That were made by the same God’s hands,
Are what make liberty and freedom worth having.

Equality becomes reality
Opportunity is reachable
The melting pot finally has land
And rights to all within.

There is still a conflict building
Tradition is seeking its grasp
On the hearts of many once lost souls
Into believing that they can’t achieve greatness.
Equality is not equal, unless the heart beats the same rhythm
And currently the beat is off, there is still a disconnect.

Is it a lack of comprehension?-
That holds the separation between
What some call black and white
Or is it that there are blindfolds
That don’t allow the spectrum
Of color to fill their eyes.

And yet, the possibilities are endless
For what can be done in the years to come
The future shines brightly
Filled with the opportunities and dreams of all.

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