On the Other Side

Over the horizon rests the deceased and the black skies and

Smokey clouds lift the useless souls above ground

There’s ritual drumming in the background

Monstrous figures dance around a fire

Chanting to their higher power

And there, in the still of night, she lurks in the alley

Young Madeline watches

Her family becoming particles of the black dust

The grand finale

She escapes quickly

Her feet swiftly crossing the darkness without a sound

Leaving behind the shadows

The reapers that have raped her village dry

But her tears weren’t enough to silence the cries

That are hollow to the mind

Of the people that faced demise

Oh sweet Madeline

You must see the lines that tore your innocence

While he was stuck between your thighs

The brutal, blissful torture kept you safe

When the all-knowing began to transpire

You were the survivor of his keeping

Oh Madeline

The other side is not shiny, there is no silver lining

The air you breathe will forever taste bitter

And empty—that rests over the horizon




MVP-Most Valuable Poet

great poem

light will shed through darkness

great narrative

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