The Other Side

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 23:14 -- aw3s0m3

I feel a little awkward, like maybe I should be ashamed

Because I don't think I was born with the right to write a poem about race

My skin is not black or brown or red, not even my hair or eyes are naturally dark

My skin is pale like a ghost's, my eyes shine like a lake reflecting the sky, and my hair is the color of a cornfield

So why do I sometimes feel the need to hide?

Why do I suddenly feel ashamed of my white skin when I'm around those of another race?

Even without meaning to I suddenly become aware of our differences

I take note of everything I say and do, lest it be taken the wrong way

When I learn about slavery, I feel inferior to the descendents of those oppressed and enslaved

Like the whole system of oppression was my fault

Because of the past, I feel looked down upon for my skin color

But it wasn't my fault

I shouldn't feel ashamed

I shouldn't feel the need to watch my mouth in case my words offend someone

Is not assuming I'm racist because I'm white racist in itself?

Is not it racist to only allow one race to use a specific word, simply because of its meaning in the past?

Racism is differentiating between the races—any race

And just like no black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native person should ever feel below a white person

A white person should not be forced to feel below them either

I had nothing to do with the oppression of anyone

And I sure as hell will not take any of the blame simply because I was born with the same white skin

Just like a black person should not take the blame for crimes commited by other blacks

Or a Native should not take the blame for the wars of their ancestors

Or an Asian should not take the blame for the poverty in the East

Or a Hispanic should not take the blame for the civil wars in the South

I will not be treated inferior because my ancestors did so to others

This is the other side of racism

That everyone tries to deny

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Our world


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