Thu, 04/03/2014 - 21:53 -- KMarkou


I'd fallen down. Snapped a Bone.

You'd think it'd be the end.

I disagree, it's where it all began.

I'd been running - rushing to ring the bell.

Open up! My future is calling!

A simple slip, and it is gone - the path I would have set upon.

I wish to put together pieces, fix the shattered limbs.

Piece by piece, I will find parts of every other human being.

I'l find myself in an O.R. and no one will know

the glee I felt on that day

the one where I tripped and fell

the ground was slick, and I met my maker

where I would have gone is unkown - 

but now I know where I belong:

seated with a patient.


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