Oridinary White Boy

Look, what do you see?

Do you think I judge you

Like you do me?

There are things I wish I could do

But feel helpless when I'm around

Witnessing struggle, violence, turmoil

Police brutality, and hate crimes, but it’s like no one hears a sound

See the gunshot… the cock back of the coil

This may sound cliche…

As children we are told America is the land of the free

But does that apply to all?  

People act like race isn't something they see

But do they say that help themselves not take the fall?

Bigotry and racism are topics that warrant conversation  

I want us as a society to progress

How can we do that, if African-Americans feel like they are back during segregation

Or Muslims feel persecuted due to their religion, I dont have the answers i must confess

But it’s a question I pose to everyone.

This is not a secret agenda or a some sort of ploy,

I won’t stop fighting until justice and unity has won

But in the end this is just the thoughts of a ordinary white boy.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Political commentary on social injustice. 

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