Organized? No. Obsessive

It's always the colors
They must be in an order
Orange Yellow Purple Red Green
When eating colored candies

Finger foods
Are not finger foods
Not when they can be eaten with a fork

My room
Is a mess
Most of the time
And that's okay

Sometimes I graze my fingers along my hair
So often that my fingers start to hurt
And strands of brown and ebony pile up

Breathe Breathe Breathe
I think to myself
I ignore myself
For as long as possible
Until my chest heaves
Until my eyes burn

Think Think Think
When I shouldn't
What I shouldn't

Hands clench and then unclench
Fingers tap and tap and tap
Foot bounces
Heart dances

Watching and Listening
To keep myself preoccupied
To stop thinking
Only leads to pondering
It never works
I don't work

I don't work

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