On An Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day

Nothing special happened

It was the normal routine

Nothing different about it

I got home after you

You had dinner made

You smiled and kissed me

And asked about my day

We ate and we talked

Like we normally do

Complained and then laughed

Until dinner was through

We were both pretty tired

So we headed to bed

I fell asleep quickly

While you stayed up and read

I didn’t have a dream

It was all kinda black

I felt a sharp pain

And woke up in a snap

You had kicked my leg

Like you do all the time

Your toenail had stabbed me

But I didn’t mind

I sat up and looked

As you slept peacefully

And like bag full of bricks

Something hit me

A wave of emotion

Took over my mind

And without even realizing

I started to cry

The little things you do

The things all for me

They're not acknowledged enough

But now I can see

When I come home from work

After a long day

You’re already home

And you have dinner made

You don’t have to do that

You had to work too

And even when you’re tired

You still always do

You always listen

Even when I’m annoying

I know I complain a lot

And I know it gets boring

But you always comfort me

Whenever I need it

You tell me I’ll be fine

And I always believe it

I look around at our friends

Who say they’re in love

When in reality it seems

Those feelings are mixed up

They’re caught in a current

Of insecurity and doubt

And distrust of their partner

Whenever they’re out

Their friendships are broken

From their broken other half

And I look at their struggles

And I can’t help but laugh

It’s not to be rude

It’s not to be mean

It’s just that I’m thankful

For what you give me

You give me your heart

And you trust me to keep it

And your heart and your trust

Were all that I needed

When we first began dear

I feared the commitment

The hurt from my past

Made me hesitant

But as the time went a long

And our trust grew and grew

I no longer had doubt

In me or in you

You take me as you see me

With my flaws and all

And you treat me like a king

And keep me standing tall

You sacrifice so much

And put me before you

And I don’t thank you enough

For all that you do

You don’t do all these things

And expect a response

You do all these things

Because it’s what you want

You don’t do all these things

And want something in return

You do all these things

Because of your concern

You want me to be happy

And you want to make me smile

And you want to make our time

Worth all the while

So on this ordinary day

I had a breakthrough

And found a million more reasons

As to why I love you

And you don’t even know this

Because you’re still sleeping

But I know that this night

Is a memory worth keeping

And I won’t even tell you

What I realized right now

I’d rather show you with actions

I feel that’d be more sound

But I hope that you know

That I’m changing my ways

Not to get more

Of what you already gave

I’m changing my ways

Though the reasons aren’t few

I’m changing my ways

Because I love you

And the wave finally passed

Though my emotions were soaked

I kissed you on your head

And laid down on that note

And with you in my arms

I fell right to sleep

And with you in my arms

I was truly at peace


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