An Optimist in Love

If I believe my parents have deceived me

And that love can happen for the most ordinary of people

That it can be untainted by hatred swept under the rug

Then I've got the wedding vows written in my head already

The words "I always knew I'd find you" come to mind

Not because I'll know your name

But because I'd expect nothing less than you


You are not an umbrella

Because you feel the rain with me

Holding my hand

You are the funniest joke I've ever heard

The kind that gets funnier every time you hear it

The kind that makes you smile through tears


You love me when I don't love myself

You hold me when I isolate myself

You make me a better person because I want to be the type of person who deserves to be loved

By myself and by you

Our love is the first dollar of a paycheck

It reminds us that we're going somewhere

And we will fight

Oh, we will fight

But our love will be a loud whisper

Gently reminding us what we will always have

Tell me "Because I love you, we are better"

And that's all the "because" we need


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