Oppressed or the Oppressor

Oppressed or the Oppressor

One given the privilege one treated as lesser

Animals, Aliens, anything, but human

Locked in cages told it’s a parental decision

This Administration used racism with precision

capitalized on the ignorance of millions,

and dehumanized families and children.


Does it feel good to be on top?

Does it feel good to say, “All lives matter!”

Only when it’s convenient?

What if it was you

The one treated as lesser.

The one dealing with the pressure?

I bet you’re happy it’s not.

You know it would hurt to see your children tied up

in knots and put in cages.

I bet you forgot how the U.S came to be.

Home of the brave, land of the free?


Tell me

does that look like the U.S today

When those meant to serve and protect

have people looking over their shoulders,

scared of being targeted by their race?


Oppressed and the Oppressor.

These are the labels subscribed to by both sides, but change is coming quick.


Chicanos are about to forever change the tides,

organize, and humanize with one little thing called love.

Love for each other, love for our neighbors,

love for the flower vendor down the street

we’ve never actually had the chance to greet,

and  especially love for the thousands of children going to sleep tonight

without their parents by their side.


Tell me.  You can’t be on top without standing on the shoulders of others?

Without hurting those you see as lesser

Look at yourself in the mirror and think.

Will you see an oppressor

Challenge yourself to look deeper to see the human in you, but most importantly to see humanity in others

those of different races,

those who have come from different places.


Oppressed or the oppressors

These labels we subscribe to mean nothing

when we realize we are all human

We all have hopes and aspirations

Why not connect instead of using walls as separations


Why must we repeat history instead of changing for the future


There is no logical answer for what this Nation has done.

No political justification or economic calculation can reverse the trauma caused by this Administration.


Oppressed or the oppressor

One given the privilege one treated as lesser

Once we finally get rid these labels from our society and minds,

our days will get better



Moe Robles

Dedicated to every group being discriminated against in out currect political climate.

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