opposite mindsets

what is this. is this really happening is it really the main interest. the amazement that i'm feeling never ceases. the faith i have in you decreases. my confidant. my companion. my foe. my antagonist. feelings should be changing but i'm trapped in the madness. the badness that i want to believe in you. the sadness cause i know everything presented isn't true. it's tragic i can't overcome this obstruction. looking back and still can't find the conclusion. my mind is barren. spotless to the point you can see your facade. crystal clear to you to me a mirage. ambiguous to the point of obscurity. unripe. an untimely immaturity. to try and reach a point of revealability is absurd. to get intimate mentally is just unheard. your guard is up. everything is apprehended. i come with caution to forcefully end this. i ask for the unveiling you respond with no means. i approach you with the opening of me you don't do the same thing. i question why you do this and you disreguard my inquisition. i put my face in my hands wondering why i'm in this position. i get bitter. you wonder why. my lips quiver. tears in my eyes. i plead for you to confide. you push me away. the bitterness subsides. the last straw. we clash and end up in a draw. i put my heart in. you put in your mind. we get nowhere. will this be the last time? 



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