Open your eyes and listen


How can one prevent such a thing as suicide,

When half of the world is blind

To the pain people see everyday

In life, the world, even a friendly place

Step number one is open up your eyes

You, yes you, everyone else too

Then maybe the world can see through the lies of today's teens

But, it's not only teens who feel the pain

Of life every single day

Guys and girls, men and women

People of every race

When the world is opened to this, this terrible truth

Then maybe, just maybe people will start to resist

Resist the urge to end their lives

For they might see hope inside

Inside of you, inside of me

That maybe we can see

They aren't alright despite their lies

Then step number two will be to pull them aside

And let them tell their story no matter how long or sad

When they tell their tale listen, just listen and try to understand

From their they might start to heal, but always make sure you are there to care

To care for their safety and well-being

And maybe, just maybe we can do it

We can win the battle against suicide



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