Open Your Eyes

Do you honestly think, those metal straws could

truly fight against the oils spills happening, causing irreversible damage?

Did it not occur to you to, look at the bigger picture where,

companies mass producing hundreds of, hydro flasks and metal straws 

cause more damage than a, plastic straw.


I beg of you to, look up and open your eyes.

We care of plastic straws when, they only cause 3% of ocean pollution.

Use that money going to hydro flasks and metal straws to,

fund research companies to stop the,

many oil spills happening throughout what, you say you are saving.


Open your eyes and, observe what your ignorance has caused to our planet.

It's never to late to, invest all that money for worthy causes which

will help slow down, our planet's pollution.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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