Open Your Eyes


United States
31° 22' 56.4564" N, 85° 17' 34.5768" W

You are human
Whether your name is Gerry Truman
Or Lindsey Thomas.
We are all alike, this I promise
Resolute in our being
There is no need for bleeding
We can't change the facts
Only make loving pacts
A woman, bruised and battered
A raging husband, whose mind is shattered
All in one piece, she seems to stay
But her presence never tends to sway
She keeps her courage, hoping for the best
The sleepless nights, stealing proper rest
We see, men you'll see
There's no need to be
Such a vengeance to take
Is never worth her life at stake
If she pays your price, all is a lie
If you aren't loving and honestly try
Then leave us be,
I just pray that you'll see
Never treat them rough
It won't make you look tough
Even those words cut like ice
Be careful, or you'll pay a price
I speak in regard, for the women,
The men
Who love with every thing
And don't make love sting
I hope for the man,
Who is a friend of anger
To guard yourself
Guard your woman, and guard your heart
For it isn't too late for an honest, new start


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