An open letter to my birth dad

An open letter to my birth dad,


First thing I want to say is thank you.

Thank you for being such a pathetic piece of shit that you left us

Thank you for being just another customer to my mother

Thank you for not even wanting to see who your little girl was

Thank you for leaving my birth mom alone

Thank you for leaving the decision up to my aunt to send me to an orphanage

Thank you for being so invisible that it made it easy to replace you

Thank you for never trying to contact me when I was little, that way I was never confused as to what a father was

Thank you for giving me my height, my face, my lighter skin tone because I look nothing like my birth mom

Thanks for making me cry every Father’s day because I’ve never even seen your face

Thank you for making genetic tests awkward because I’ll never be able to match mine

Thank you for leaving me

Thank you for making me question everything a dad is supposed to be

Thank you for not setting an example of what a dad is and leaving it up to my new dad

Thank you for the times I look in the mirror and wonder if I look like you

Thank you for not being there when I graduate from college

Thank you for not being here, so you can’t walk me down the aisle

Thank you for not being there when I have my first child

Thank you for not being there for my 5,10,16,18,21st birthday

Thank you for not caring

Thank you for showing me what a man isn’t supposed to be

That way I make sure it never happens to my daughter

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