An open letter to girls trying to find their strength:


  • if the boy you love consistently asks for sex but refuses to treat you like the goddess you are, leave him

  • if a girl whispers "slut" as you pass her in the hall, don't get angry. Embrace her and embrace your title

  • if you find yourself full of self-loathing because of your uncontrollable emotions, remember that it's beautiful to feel

  • if you realize you've bled through onto your pants, don't be ashamed. Remember that you're more metal than 50% of the population

  • if you get stares because of your fishnets and heels, stare right back

  • if you find yourself more comfortable with masculinity, embrace it, but remember that femininity is something to be respected too

  • if a boy tell you that you wear too much makeup, remind him that you don't wear it for his pleasure

  • if he expects a blowjob but won't go down on you, leave him

  • mark your territory with lipstick

  • never be ashamed of your body

  • love other women

  • and if one day, you have a daughter, remember to teach her that she is strong, beautiful, and to never surrender. No matter what.


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