Open Heart


Dear Bae 
You text me all night & day
I appreciate you to the fullest in every way
I listen to you & everything you say
You be balling on the court & i wish i could see it all
But tbh i dislike the sport basketball
I tried to make this a surprise just something to do when theres nothing to do
But some stuff i cant tell you even if i hold my breath till my face turn blue
Oohhh didnt know that your baby daddy knew how to rhyme 
Growing up i did this all the time
Its so relaxing & keeps me calm
Because with my anger i could blow up like a bomb
But now im chillin,
I love the idea of playing a villain
Does that make me a bad guy
I just wanna be happy & not get mad when people ask me why
Its just a pet peeve 
Same way someone broke a promised that you actually believed
At the end of the day am i the best i can be
Nahh thats prolly why he called me a poser i see
But crap i aint got no one to be great for
But maybe i should just try for me & open my own doors
In my mind i really argue with myself like that
From the simplest to the most complex, it be like that
Sometimes i think im abnormal but then again what if thats everyones drag
I meant for this to be short but then my heart & mind had more to say
I hope you find this heartwarming in even the slightest way


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