Open Fields

I dream of fields,

Fields upon fields,

Where dreams are

Created, creativity


Blooming like a flower

In a field, where you

Can be free, don't

You want to be free?


Free, unique, unburdened.

This is not reality, and 

This is whar I'm learning

Daily, lessons you learn at school.


The world is actually scary as hell.

It's less a field and more a jail cell

Whether you did anything wrong 

Or not, you are punished with leaders


That are not in your interests

That are more fake than a

Barbie doll, more like a

Ken doll, because of course


There aren't female leaders!

That's just silly! And if you

Don't make the money, you're

Screwed too! Because the only


Value in this world is the value in

Your pocket, and not oxygen in

Fields, and hills, and open spaces.

Instead of open spaces, we get


Secret corners, hush, hush, hush

Be silent, be silent, don't fight for

Anything, learn to live in the dark.

I have many flaws, but I'm sure


I'm a good person, most people

I know are good people, who

Don't deserve this sudden darkness.

So speak the hell up! Because who knows?


Maybe one day,

we'll breathe the oxygen

Of an open field.

Why not hope?

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