Open Eyes

I let it all out, I know they heard me. My tongue just kept flowing in between my teeth. I hope they feel me for what I meant. I spoke all those words and the message was sent. I want those words to hit hard so they finally realize. How much clearer the world became when I opened my eyes. No more violence cuz that silence is killing me. Twist of fate, they heard my voice because truth has set me free.
Stand out loud and speak up for what you think. Because none of that insanity is solved by your everyday shrink. Will this world ever learn how to make peace? With all this hate pressing on us how can we even breath? Its time for us to rise up and take action. We got people killing people for their own satisfaction. Slow down and enjoy what we have today. Bitchin about what you don't have is such a waste.
Sick and twisted thoughts of evil begin to pass by. Its everywhere around us, doesn't anyone ask why? Why we even want to live when so many want us to die. I'm going to be sick, I want to scream out and cry. The blood rage goes on and the want is to kill. I close my open eyes shut as the tears begin to fill. So much suffering and non stop pain. Will you take my words and listen what I say?
Spread peace, love and unity to everyone. Draw the pain and suffering out until its all dead and gone. Be patient, nothing comes at the snap of a finger. See how well the thought of peace, love and unity likes to linger. The bombs, guns and terror float off to be left behind forever. I have a perfect vision in my open eyes as we all come together.


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