an open door

I think i've been saying goodbye all my life.  

Sure I say hello 

but the whole time i've got one foot in the door 

ready to make my getaway  

when things go south  

because I am one of those things.   


most people you meet  

are flickers and shadows 

gone so quickly  

passing through your life  


and some people are doorstops. 

and no matter how hard you try  

you can't get rid of them  

not even if you attack them with a crowbar  

expose only the worst parts of your soul 

kick and scream and cuss them out 


these are the best friends  

and the stalkers in your life 

always there for you 

even when you don't need them 

don't want them.  


and I think  


I have become a doorstop 

instead of a flicker-flame 

rock hard and so tired 

bruised and battered  


I go door to door  

trying to find where I belong  

all the while stuck with  

everyone I meet  

scarred hands and heart   


I'm walking down the hall 

pacing really   

in this cage  


always watching 

for signs of life  

in all these faces 


wandering through the  

halls of my own mind 

looking for the exit sign  


through this careful study  

I have only discovered 

I don't care anymore  

bring on the crazy 

bring on the end  

bring on the shallow 

bring on the world 

bring it all

I just want out. 











This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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