Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:20 -- Lewy9

Out of darkness, we climb into the sunlight
The past crashing behind us
In foaming waves of dust.
Where once we crawled,
Too tight a space
And black
And cold,
Where we always hit our heads on the ceiling,
Now all the world is
The soft warmth rains down,
A breeze in our noses,
And the frame expands past arms’ breadth.
We had felt it in our heads,
In our guts, in our heavy limbs,
Our tired eyes and weary knees-
But now it’s lifted off,
Raising us on wings
And igniting our hearts and chests and minds.
All that space
All the paths
All the horizons-
Let us go
Let us go now that the doors are all
Wide open.


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