Onward to Change

Today I woke up human, 

yet I feel as if I dont belong. 

There are many other like me, 

but in America I am not free.

Slavery is gone

and yet my people are hung in other's front lawns. 

Where did my people go wrong?

My ancestors worked in the fields with their bare hands and sang harmless songs.

Is that so bad?

is beating my people just a current fad?

I've grown up watching my loved ones be beaten for having an opinion 

they expect us to walk around this world like controlled minions.

Today, december 1, 1955, we have all become our own person

We stand together tall and civil to fight for rights that cannot worsen.

who are we to sit back and be scared to talk?

when we speak up the whites just gawk.

Who would think that years later

we would stand behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. screaming "Equal rights for all!"  

Black power seems to summarize our anncestors fight and crawl

after years of oppression what did the world expect?

for the actions to continue and the punishments be direct?

Today our kids grow up with children of all colors

Black and white boys can now call eachother brothers.

the famous words "We Shall Overcome" 

shows just what kind of people in the world have become. 



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