The Only Way Out, Not The Solution

I want to disappear,

and leave it all behind.

Have all go away,

Make my eyes blind.

I don't want to see anything at all,

I don't want to listen, or answer your calls.

I don't want to feel the cold blade,

Nor the sympathy in a warm embrace.

I don't want to taste the poison in the words,

Nor smell the stench of decomposing dreams.


It seems that death would be my friend,

Leave it all and meet my end.

But what good what that do?

Perhapse only stop the truth.

A memory that may perhaps live on,

My troubled mind filling that of my loved ones.

No knife, no blade, no pills for the pain.

It may be a way out, but it is no solution.

I won't find any peace in my dissolution.

The pain and regrets to follow me to the grave,

My problems, my demons, my self hate.

So no I won't end my life,

I will find a way, to solve it all

To live another day.


Death is a way out,

Not the solution.

If you don't face the problems,

There won't be a chance,

To move one in peace,

A participate in life's wonderful dance.

I don't know you, your life and emotions,

You don't know mine, but life is in motion.

I might not understand, I might see your way,

Can you see mine? Together we'll pray,

For a better life, a better day.

I promise someday it will be okay.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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