Wed, 08/03/2016 - 01:52 -- lexyis

Poetry to me is stability. It is being able to rely on emotion and truth in your work. I have been told my whole life that my word is the only thing I can give a person. However I never believed that my word could hold its weight. I'm almost 18 and I have nothing to barter with but my work and the words I speak. To my disappointment, and many others I fell short on the work aspect of things, which only left me with my voice. Being that I'm mild mannered and timid I seldom speak up at all but when I do, I know it's with power. I don't see poetry as rhymes or music or art, poetry to me is ANYTHING someone has put emotion and hard work into. Something that they have strived so hard to accomplish those who witness it can't help but feel the residual of that power. I put hard work, sweat and tears into the words that I speak. I am cautious with how I construct my words and form my sentences because my word is my bond. I connect with others with a few strong and profound words of emotion. Poetry has changed how I communicate with the world, and how I perceive myself. Poetry gave my words life.

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