Only in Summer


As the snow melts.The love fades.No relationships.No work.Just play.Summers here.People have gone insane.They have no sense.The sun has fried their brain.The pool open and the school closes.No one can fathom the trouble that will unfold. Longer days.Shorter nights.Some kids haven't seen their home in days.They stay away doing who knows what. It's a party every Friday.So you know they turn up.Turn up missing, shot or dead.It was just fun in their head. Summer. Summer was just fun Until reality struck.Evil summer.So slick and sneaky.Demolishing every goal and any college thinking.It's just fun , no consequence.They sure fooled us.When the leaves start to fall and school continues.It's time to get serious.Focus on our futures.Yeah, we're focused now but as soon as that bell rings on the last day.We go back in to our summer craze.Summer was just a party.That evil summer.I did something wrongPlease don't call my mommy.That sneaky summer My mom isn't home you can come over.That regretful summer I wish I never loved you.That hot summer , we did some things we regret.That clueless summer Didn't know what was ahead.The season you just didn't worryYou were free of care.That season couldn't have been winter.It could have only happened inSummer. 


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