Only a matter of time


Its only a matter of time before I can get the time to see your face

Everyday I wake up and stay up until two in the morning

Thinking about all the times we had, wishing it would have lasted a moment longer

Regret has set in and i'm feeling like its my fault

All i keep thinking is if i stayed a while longer I would never had to see you go

Alicia Keys,"Like I'll Never See You Again", Reminds me of that night

The last time I saw you I had this feeling of hope of being together again

Never will I nor my baby will ever see you again

Come to think you never even met our sunshine angel from above

It hurts me to think she will never see her Daddy

But Also I know in my heart God has another plan for my life

The Loud got me feeling right knowing for a moment I will forget what its like

To have a baby by a man that is in a box and now appears to ashes like a cigarette in a ash tray

Only if you where here my life wouldn't be such a struggle

It hurts to know even if you where here you wouldn't love me

All I can do now is love my baby and live life to the fullest

Only a matter of time before I meet my love in paradise

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