This One's for a Star

This one goes for a star beyond comprehension

His eyes doth see, but not mine, but I see his

Outstanding hues of blues through a forest of his black hair

If only I may brush the loose hair  hanging over his eyes out of the way

Every morning, I wake up to you

Your voice sings to me in that deep, baritone voice


Strong and kind

Handsome and selfless

A person with personality so true

So admirable

Strong and kind

Handsom and selfless


I gave this star my heart before he asketh mine

Here's to him, sweeter dReAms

Give me time and I will find you

Believe in love at first sight?

That's how it felt the first I saw him, a star with brilliancy

When this star will shoot through the night, I'll catch him

I, a lady, take me with you, love

May angels bring us together, my star

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