One Year Was All It Took

Growing up young

oblivious, gullible, innocent.

Succeptible to anything.

I had thought I found love.

It seemed like a miracle,

Like it was sent from above.

Only to find out,

he who I loved

was nothing but destruction.

One year was all it took

for him to steal my dreams

like a deceitful crook.

Mistaking love for lust.

Blinded to the truth. 

I gave in to all his wishes

Only to lose myself.

15 years old and pregnant

With a man who never loved me

Like the wind he dissapeared.

leaving me cold and lonely

Rasing a child all alone.

Giving all I had,

down to skin and bone

I grew to learn the truth of the world.

Realitys tale is to each his own


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