One World, one YOU


The tiniest speckle, dominated by the biggest star.

Overlooked in its eyes, deep down hiding under its body scars.

Nights full of weeping but how to know wha't's wrong?

Day by day withstanding the torment and still remains strong.

A soul with thick skin, even though shattered by its ways.

A mind that is wise and pure.

The tiniest speckle, always dominated by the biggest star.

However, the speckle the most unique by far.


Could it be the past?

Could it be choice to remain small?

A question asked by many, but yet no help involved.

Could be its status?

Could it be its looks?

More like afraid to express its ways, or an intellectual brain who always hits the books.

But who's to judge?

Thousands of speckles surrounded by bigger stars,

Is your choice, are you the most unique by far?


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