One Word


One word is all it takes

to encourage a life that brakes.

One word can make all the difference

in the life of those suffering with indifference.

One word has all power

to either build up or tear down a heart's tower.


We all know that words have a consequence;

so why use them as if they have no significance?

Take them and form them in a beautiful way!

Use them to save a person's day.

Ease their anger, sadness, and pain

gathered from living life in vain.

Bring joy by making words playful as a toy,

bringing memories of a childhood as a boy.

Share their sorrow

while your words asks the heart for pain to borrow.

Offer hope that One Word is true

using the words of a wise jew.

Lift them up out of their distress

as your words bring peace and rest.


There is much that words can do!

They can cause delight or cause rue.

All of this can be simplified into one word

that can impact you as it impacted me.

My friend, that one word is poetry.


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