One Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Five Days

One thousand eight hundred twenty five days,              

Five whole years I left you,

Five whole years I was gone,

you still give me the same praise.

Stickiness of Heat,

Essence of Cigarettes,

Shit in the Creeks,

Audio files filled with bothered silence,

The great feeling of intense violence,

Grill up some dogs and horses, let’s dine in,

It's not what you show, It's what you represent,

Here in my heart, past, future, and present.


For three weeks we were back together,

Christmas time, finally reunited,

Returning memories of a ten year old,

It felt we like were never divided,

So much pressure because of so much family,

Slowly, Slowly, getting back my sanity,

You make me enjoy the good old remedy,

But those three weeks I saw that you betrayed me,

Because of you, there are people I don’t get to see

They either grew old or in the cemetery,

Have I been gone that long?

Same lyrics, but it’s not the same song,

Three weeks have passed, finished my break

Dream is gone, I’m back, awake


This poem is about: 
My country


Deiser Tolentino

This was based on the poem, Lines written a few miles above Tintern Abbey by William Wordsworth.

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