One thing I couldn't live without

One thing I could not live without

I am stranded on an island.
I finally have the privacy,
Living without things like Trump and misogyny.
Living without a crashing economy.
Away from a place where my race was a factor for late night comedy.
There is an issue about  being somewhere so private.
I am away from my music, distant from sick flows with mucus.
I cannot live without my hiphop.
The con is I cannot hear stories by story tellers of con men or Lauryn hill asking me " How you gone win if you ain't right within?"

I cannot figure out who's the real slim shady or the ladies having B.I.G's baby.
I cannot live without my hiphop , I needed to hear that Jay-z hard knock. idea where I landed.....
Reminiscing over Pete Rock's reminisce over you.

Why cannot I live without hiphop  ?
It's a major key for a young black youth like me. I have been trapped in a ghetto for 18 years
where I lost many peers
and so have many of my urban poets.
That's why I can't live without them even though media paints them
as idiots with Moët.

Silenced before I could even enunciate
so I cling onto every word artist annunciate
I can't live without it cause hiphop caused me to levitate -
To new heights , it helps me sleep at night.

I need hiphop on my island because it embraced me when the world acted unfazed by me.

I can't live without hiphop , it's more than a genre for head bop , its a genre that actually put inner city kids at the top.

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